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This is your guide to fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation for Northwestern Ontario - Canada's Great Outdoors.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing is quickly becoming one of the most popular eco tours in Northwestern Ontario. With so much water to explore, most of which is connected by rivers or short portages, it's a beautiful way to experience nature. Kayaking can be done in the same places as canoeing. A favorite trip is to White Otter Castle. Not accessible by road, this giant log cabin located on a huge sand beach has been an attraction since it was built. The legend of Jimmy McQuat lives on through the magnificent three-story castle he built on the shores of White Otter Lake. At the turn of the century, he single-handedly constructed the log castle from red pine logs that he cut, hauled and interlocked. On route to White Otter Castle and in other places around the region you'll find authentic Indian Pictographs drawn on the rocks.


Hiking through trails in the summertime is also a great way to see the outdoors, but be prepared for the hard rock underfoot and sometimes thick brush in the forest. Staying on trails is the best way to see the most popular attractions and make certain you don't lose your way. Bring the insect repellent, GPS and a camera!


Camping is permitted on some crown (public) land which is land owned by the Government. Before you go camping on public lands if would be wise to check with the local Ministry of Natural Resources Office (MNR) as to what areas are designated as camping spots. You can access the MNR website through and look for the regional office contact info. There are also provincial parks established specifically for campers, and some outfitters have camping areas as well as cabins.


It almost goes without saying that photographers love Canada's Heartland. With one of the largest boreal forest areas in the world, and thousands of lakes spread across it, photo opportunities are endless. The Patricia Region is famous for beautiful sunsets, and wildlife photography can be challenging and fun too.

Wildlife Watching

Northwestern Ontario is home to Bear, Moose, Deer, Wolves, Lynx, Fox, Beaver and many more species of animals. None of these species are very harmful, but when wildlife watching it is best to respect their space. You'll be rewarded with some great photo opportunities! Many species of birds including the famous Bald Eagle also live here. In fact the community of Ear Falls has been called the "Bald Eagle Capitol of North America". We have a section of Wildlife Postcards that you can send online to friends. These are pictures of species living in Canada's Heartland.


ATVing in Canada’s Heartland is rapidly becoming a new adventure to experience. There are endless amounts of old logging trails to explore and there is something for everyone from novice rider to super experienced where you have to cross beaver dams and cross bogs. You would be wise to contact an outfitter for maps, trail info and local regulations.

Mountain Biking

This sport is still in it's infancy in Northwestern Ontario. The Canadian Shield has the same rugged rocks that you'd expect to find in B.C. as well as muddy marshes to really get dirty in. Some local snowmobile trails offer amazing summertime mountain biking rides.

Whale Watching

Whale watching in Ontario?! Only in Canada's Heartland! Our Northern border extends up to Hudson Bay, a huge salt water bay that empties into the Arctic Ocean. Whales reside in these waters and the lucky people who venture to the far North, could experience the excitement of seeing one of these magnificent animals.